Using our APIs: How it works

It is good to know that when you request access to our APIs, we define different types of users in our Developer Center. Before we grant you access to the APIs, we need to know what type of user you are and why you want to use the APIs. We do this for security and privacy reasons.

The Flight API is accessible to everyone, so start exploring! If you want more, request access or contact us.

Three easy steps to get started

  • Explore opportunities

    Get inspired by these examples and cases on how to create value by using our APIs.

  • Sign up for access

    Sign up to get a personal account or get one for your team.

  • Start developing

    Sign in, get access to our APIs and start developing. Need more info?

Get inspired by these examples

  • Need technical assistance?

    Our special API support team is there to help you, 24/7. You can contact us through number +31 20 601 44 45.

  • Commercially interested?

    Meet our business developers. They are happy to help you to develop value propositions and to create value with our APIs.