Moving towards the future: We are building sustainably

Schiphol owns the terminal, office buildings and car park buildings. This gives us the opportunity to design new buildings, and renovate existing buildings, in the most sustainable ways possible. Therefore, an ever-increasing number of buildings at Schiphol have received the BREEAM or LEED sustainability label.

Buildings are being assembled in a way that allows for easy dismantling after their useful life, and we reuse all materials. A good example is the Panalpina Cargo Building. It will be demolished brick by brick at Schiphol, and later reassembled outside Schiphol – ready for its new users!

The A-Pier will become Schiphol's most sustainable

The A-Pier is being built. It will not only be Schiphol’s newest pier, but also its most sustainable. We have carefully considered where we can save on energy and where we can use recycled or sustainable material. The A-Pier has 8 gates and covers an area of 55,000 square metres.

The Mortuary - Schiphol's first cradle-to-cradle building

The new mortuary is the first cradle-to-cradle building at Schiphol. Its materials can easily be used in another object after the life cycle of this building. The building also meets the BREEAM Excellence standard of criteria, with its own solar panels, rainwater treatment and air purification systems.

P2 a recycled car park

Our P2 car park had to go to make way for the new terminal. The car park was not demolished with a wrecking ball but dismantled with care. We recycled the old building material and interior as much as possible, so almost nothing ended up going to the rubbish tip.