Discover the wonderful world of Schiphol: Schiphol in the classroom

Schiphol is a remarkable place and there are lots of fun facts to discover about it. Did you know that the first military aircraft landed at Schiphol on 19 September 1916? And that there used to be a lake where the airport is, 4 metres below sea level? Great topics for a presentation or project! You can also work together with your classmates using our teaching package and take part in the accompanying design contest.

Presentation or project?

Your classmates are sure to enjoy a presentation about flying and the wonderful world of Schiphol. After all, who doesn’t like to travel? And who isn’t impressed by the sight of a large plane taking off? Here, you will learn everything about aviation and airplanes, the different jobs at our airport and what happens in the control tower. Before you know it, you’ll be giving an attention-grabbing presentation or writing an informative article.

Little boy is raising his hand
Schiphol lespakket

Schiphol Teaching pack

Schiphol collaborated with educational publishing house Zwijssen to create the ‘Kijk op Schiphol’ teaching pack (only available in Dutch). Over the course of four lessons, your teacher will bring the world of Schiphol into your classroom. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the airport with the help of fun videos and assignments on subjects like working at Schiphol, sustainability, and different cultures and languages.

Sherlock for a day

If you have some time before your flight and you want to have some fun discovering the airport, do the Schiphol Discovery Trail! Once you have unravelled the secrets behind these fourteen questions you can call yourself a real Schiphol expert. Dotted around Schiphol Plaza, a bunch of fascinating places are waiting to be discovered. Places that reveal all kinds of interesting facts about our airport. From travelling to sustainability and from art to history – there’s a little bit of everything in this fun detective trail.