Discover the wonderful world of Schiphol: Info for your presentation or piece of writing

Your classmates are sure to enjoy a presentation about aviation and the wonderful world of Schiphol. After all, who doesn’t like to travel? And who isn’t impressed by the sight of a big plane taking off? Here, you can read all about aircraft and flying, the many different occupations at our airport, and what happens in the control tower. You’ll find everything you need to give a great presentation to your class or write an informative paper. We bet you’ll get a good grade!

  • Learn all about planes

    Hundreds of planes of all shapes and sizes take-off and land at Schiphol every day. Learn more about these impressive machines!

  • Special places to visit

    You can see art in the Rijksmuseum, experiment with science at NEMO, or read a book in the library.

  • All our destinations

    From Schiphol you can fly all over the world, from America to Africa and from Australia to Asia.

  • Special professions

    65,000 people keep Schiphol running smoothly, from bird scarers to firefighters to professional plane parkers.

  • Schiphol Tower

    The Control Tower has some of the best views over Schiphol

  • Animals

    You might not expect it, but there are around seventy species of birds and ten species of mammals at Schiphol – just like a zoo!

  • Lost and found objects

    See where these objects end up, and what happens to them.

  • Freight transportation

    In addition, Schiphol transports around 855,000 tons of cargo each year, from laptops to tulips and from cars to pandas

  • Snow and ice

    If it snows or freezes over, we have all the equipment on-hand to ensure safety.