A closer look: Schiphol for students

Economics, anthropology, biology. Whatever you’re studying: at a major airport like Schiphol, you can explore countless research questions. But where do you begin? Read on to be sure of a flying start.

How does Schiphol work?

Some 71.7 million passengers, over 50 million items of baggage and 496,826 take-offs and landings: every year Schiphol has plenty to cope with. Anyone who wants to know exactly how this works needs to look at the airport’s three main processes. These describe how large flows of passengers, baggage and aircraft get from A to B as efficiently and safely as possible.

Conducting surveys at Schiphol Plaza

Students often ask us if they can conduct surveys among visitors to Schiphol Plaza. Because we receive so many requests, we are unfortunately unable to allow this. Our visitors and their travelling convenience take precedence. We hope that you understand this.