Moving towards the future: Renewable energy

Schiphol uses solar, wind and soil energy to power the airport. Solar panels are used in an increasing number of places, such as on the roof of the P3 Long-Term Car Park. We use soil-derived energy to cool and heat a large section of the departure and arrival halls, almost all piers and gates rather than gas. If gas is used as a fuel, we use bio-gas. And for the rest, Dutch wind energy runs all of Schiphol.

100% Dutch wind energy

Schiphol will run 100 percent on Eneco's Dutch wind energy from January 1, 2018. Although you can’t see anything different, you’ll now be able to feel differently about charging your phone in the lounges. Schiphol and three regional airports purchase the renewable energy. And we also make many of our business partners energy supply more sustainable because they purchase their electricity directly from Royal Schiphol Group.

Hot and cold storage at the airport

The B, D, E, F and G pier have hot and cold storage. This is a sustainable system that stores energy in the form of heat and cold in the soil. We use that for heating and cooling the terminal, which means that we need much less gas. The results are considerable gains in the reduction of our CO₂ emissions. The Hilton Hotel, Terminal 3 and various office buildings also have modern thermal storage systems, complete with heat pumps and dry coolers. The new A-Pier and A-Terminal, the mortuary and HOV Noord bus station have no gas connection at all anymore; they run on 100% soil energy.