Moving towards the future: Making aviation more sustainable

The entire world is at our doorstep thanks to aviation. However, flying does have a downside – namely its impact on people and the environment. It’s a concern shared by many people, including us. That is why we have been working hard over many years to make aviation more sustainable. Our ambition is to achieve the international climate goals. You can read about how we plan to do that here.

Our way toward sustainable aviation

We want our airports to be the most sustainable in the world. That’s why we have drawn up a route plan. It contains a number of concrete steps that will make our airports emission-free by 2030. That means we will be in a position to contribute to CO₂-free aviation by 2050.

You can do it!

There are a few ways you can contribute to more sustainable travel.

Book a train ticket

Take a train instead of a plane! Train travel competes well with planes based on travel time for distances of up to 700km. You can take the train from Schiphol Airport, and many other stations, to Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, London and various destinations in Germany. At these distances, train is more sustainable than plane travel.

Compensate for the emissions from your flight

If you choose to fly, you can compensate for the CO2 emissions of your flight. For example, by planting trees or investing in sustainable energy. If you’re interested, check your airline’s website, travel agency or organisations that specialise in this.

Come to Schiphol using public transport

It’s great when someone drops you off or picks you up, but that clocks-up extra kilometres with a car. Schiphol is easily accessible by public transport, and you use green electricity when you travel by train. Fun fact: more and more buses at and around Schiphol are electric. If you still want to come by car, choose an electric Schiphol taxi.

More tips to make your trip more sustainable