There is a lot to discover about Schiphol: Did you know…

… that Schiphol is a remarkable place and that there are many interesting things to find out about? Like that the first military plane landed at Schiphol on 19th September 1916. Or that our airport was built on the bottom of a lake, 4 metres below sea level. You can read these and many more unique stories about Schiphol on this page.

Kids reporter

Have you already subscribed to our YouTube channel? On it, you’ll find all kinds of fun films about what goes on at Schiphol. For example, how we prevent aircraft from colliding with birds and how we use polar bears to clear snow.

Our kids reporters go in search of interesting stories. In the first episode, Tyler goes to the Polderbaan Runway control tower to see how our runway system works. And Evy, Maarten, Linde and Liesel visit other special places at our airport.

We’re handing out Schiphol activity booklets this summer

Did you know that we strive to go the extra mile for you at Schiphol? This summer holiday, we are handing out Schiphol activity booklets to make waiting in line a little more fun. These activity booklets are full of games and challenges, including a wordsearch, spot the difference, quiz and much more.

The booklet is no longer only for when you are queuing at the airport. Now, you can also print it out and do the activities at home!

Please note that the Schiphol activity booklets are in Dutch.