Pier A will be the most sustainable pier at Schiphol: As green as can be

Schiphol is building a new pier: Pier A. Not only will this be our newest pier, it will also be the most sustainable! Pier A has eight gates and covers an area of 55,000 square metres.

Extra capacity

We need the new pier to be able to accommodate larger numbers of wide-body aircraft, which bring with them a growing number of passengers. Of the eight gates, the five on the north side will be suitable for narrow-body aircraft, with three gates for wide-body aircraft being created on the south side. The gates to the south can also accommodate six ‘narrow-bodies’. At a later stage, two extra wide-body gates will be added to the south side. The new pier has a surface area of 55,000 square metres – the size of 11 football pitches.

The most sustainable pier at Schiphol

Pier A really will be as green as can be, and not only because it is our newest addition. You will find trees, flowers and plants all over the place in the new pier. But this space is green in more ways than one. We included design requirements in the tendering process to ensure that the pier is as sustainable as possible.

Both in the design and during construction, we are maintaining a focus on ways to save energy and use recycled or sustainable materials. We’re already looking at a ceiling made out of recycled plastic, tiles put together from crushed waste marble and 5,000 square metres of solar panels. That’s not all: the toilets are flushed using rainwater, and a large section of the floor is made of bamboo. The new pier really is as green as can be.