Second life for P2 parking garage: Sustainable demolition

Schiphol’s P2 parking garage had to be demolished to make way for our new terminal. The demolition was not as violent as usual; instead, the parking garage was systematically disassembled. Wherever possible, we will find other uses for the building material and recycle parts of the interior, such as the barriers. Practically nothing will end up being thrown away; after all, our goal is Zero Waste.

Recycling resources or a second life

Why dispose of something that can still be recycled? That philosophy is why we are transforming the concrete slabs of the P2 car park into crushed concrete. Combined with fresh mortar, this makes for the perfect basic foundation for a new pier, a terminal or even a new platform!

The debris from the parking garage was recently broken up to the south of the airport and turned into rubble. We will incorporate this crushed concrete into the Sierra platform, right next to the depot. Recycling P2’s concrete debris for a large-scale construction project at Schiphol means that:

  • We will recycle 35,000 tons of used concrete.
  • We can recycle 99% of the P2 parking garage.
  • 900 trips by lorries to the waste processing facility will be saved, as well as the same number of trips to deliver new materials for the platforms.

The ‘interior’ of the parking garage will get a second life. The lampposts, barriers, electric charging points and other typical car park accessories will either be moved to various existing car parks at Schiphol or be used in the construction of new parking facilities.