Schiphol Business Awards: Schiphol’s best in business

Schiphol would not be a world-leading airport without our passengers, airlines and retail partners. We all work hard to reach our impeccable standards of service and hospitality, and contribute toward making Schiphol a strong and lively place to do business and connect with each other.

The Schiphol Business Awards is our way of showing appreciation for your contribution and hard work. It’s also a way to boost collaboration, ignite future initiatives and toast to our collective achievements, together. Because togetherness is what the Schiphol Connection is all about. 

Over de awards

De Consumer Awards heten nu de Schiphol Business Awards. De prestigieuze prijzen zijn een erkenning voor iedereen die zich inspant om de reiziger op Schiphol een onvergetelijke ervaring te bieden. Schiphol wil zich graag onderscheiden van andere luchthavens als het gaat om service en klantvriendelijkheid. En daarin spelen onze business partners: retailers, restaurateurs en verhuurbedrijven een grote rol.

De vorige winnaars van de Schiphol Business Awards hebben laten zien dat aandacht voor details, design en service echt het verschil kan maken. Wij vinden dat we teams en medewerkers die een buitengewone prestatie leveren op het gebied van innovatie, teamspirit, omzet, gastvrijheid & service en connecties moeten belonen. Daarom zetten wij hen in het zonnetje met deze awards en hopen we hiermee alle business partners te inspireren.

Schiphol Business Awards 2018

Events Timeline
Submit cases Juni - November 2018
Jury review and report December 2018
Nominee announcement January 2019
Award Winners event February 7th 2019

Award categories

There are five award categories: Innovation, Growth, Hospitality and Service, Team Spirit, and the newly-introduced Connection Award. Business partners will decide the recipient of the Connection Award, which will be given to an employee of outstanding merit.

On this site, you can find out more about the different award categories, get to know the jury and simply submit your case. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the big event on February 7, 2019 – when we will announce the winners of the next Schiphol Business Awards!

Innovation award

Business Partners can submit their most innovative case(s) to have a chance of winning the Innovation Award. This could be an inventive initiative, like a special design, a creative concept, a sustainable project or an effective training programme that has made a significant contribution to Schiphol Business or experience. Our jury of professionals will judge all of the submitted cases and present their nominations for the best initiatives. This year, bonus points will be given for a case which also contributes to sustainability.

Team Spirit award

A good team is worth its weight in gold! Business Partners can nominate their own teams, or other teams for the Team Spirit Award. They will look at various criteria, like which teams have performed impressively in terms of service, innovation and effectiveness; which teams have clocked-up an all-time high turnover; and which teams have succeeded in making another significant, but different, kinds of contributions to the Schiphol experience. Our jury will evaluate all submissions and announce the nominated teams.

Growth Award

The Growth Award is presented to the Business Partner with the highest sales growth throughout 2018 on a like-for-like base. This Award distinguishes between Airside and Landside. An intermediate ranking will be announced in September.

Hospitality & Service award

The nominees for the Hospitality and Service Award are chosen based on the findings of a mystery shopper. Input will be provided for both Airside and Landside.

Connection award

Schiphol will put one employee in the spotlight who deserves it, according to the Business Partners’ employees. It will be someone who has made a difference, or who meant a lot to Schiphol’s travellers in 2018. 10 nominees will be announced based on the submissions, then Business Partners’ employees can place a single vote. The winner will be announced at the Award Winners event on February 7, 2019.


For the Innovation Award, Connection Award and the Team Spirit Award, a jury has been selected with representatives from the Schiphol Group, external professionals and Business Partners.

Innovation award

  • Peter van Grinsven

    CEO at Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps, The Talent Institute

    Peter  van Grinsven
  • André van den Berg

    Executive Vice President & CCO at Royal Schiphol Group

    André  van den Berg
  • Henk Jan Gerzee

    Chief Digital Officer, Royal Schiphol Group

    Henk Jan Gerzee

Team Spirit Award

  • Leonard Stolk

    CEO GWK Travelex; winnaar Team Spirit award 2017

    Leonard  Stolk
  • Dieme Ketel

    Senior Manager Parking & Mobility Services, Royal Schiphol Group

    Dieme Ketel

Connection Award

  • Peter van Steensel

    Partner strategiebureau Positioneringsgroep

     Peter  van Steensel
  • Tanja Dik

    Director Consumer Products & Services, Royal Schiphol Group

    Tanja Dik



  • Applicants can apply individually or as a team.
  • Applicants must represent a Schiphol Business Partner.
  • Judges will not be allowed to participate in the selection of prize winners in categories in which they themselves have submitted a case.
  • Recipients of awards should be prepared to make a short presentation of their case at the Award Ceremony on February 7, 2019.

Conditions for submissions

  • The submitted case must be presented in Dutch or in English.
  • The submitted case must be related to a Schiphol Business Partner.
  • The submitted case must have taken place in 2018.
  • Cases that do not meet these conditions will be excluded from the competition.
  • Submitting a case gives Schiphol Group the right to publish this case in on- and offline.

Evaluation criteria

The jury will apply the following evaluation criteria:

  • Originality
  • Impact and effect
  • Costs
  • Practicality
  • Sustainability

Winners for 2017 (in dutch)