Participate in the RAPTOR European research

The acronym RAPTOR stands for Research of Aviation PM Technologies, Modelling and Regulation. It is one of the European Commission’s scientific studies. Schiphol is seated on the advisory board of this research programme. RIVM and TNO are also affiliated with RAPTOR, which confirms the Netherlands’ leading role in research into the emission of ultrafine particles.

RAPTOR began in November 2019 and will continue until the end of 2021. RAPTOR research focuses on the broadening of knowledge into ultrafine particles by the aviation industry, particularly air traffic. It aims to gain further insight into how various types of ultrafine particles are composed, as well as their impact on health. These insights help to improve the calculation models used to determine the emission of ultrafine particles from aircraft engines. Part of RAPTOR is the bundling of all ultrafine dust research results that have already been completed by European industries, science and research institutes.