A look ahead at air traffic

A look ahead at air traffic 15 - 21 July 2024

  • 1,400 flights per day expected (average)

    In the week of 15 – 217July 2024, we expect an average of 1,400 daily flights at Schiphol. We expect the number of daily flights that take off and land at our airport to remain about the same throughout July.

  • 11 peak moments per day expected

    Take-off: 07:00-07:40, 09:20-11:00, 11:40-13:00, 14:00-15:20, 16:20-17:40 and 20:40-22:10 Landing: 07:40-09:20, 11:00-11:40, 13:00-14:00, 15:20-16:20 and 18:20-20:00

  • Works on ILS Zwanenburgbaan

    LVNL is working on the Zwanenburgbaan's ILS. As a result, parallel landing on the Polderbaan and Zwanenburgbaan is not possible until September. As a replacement, we will be deploying the Buitenveldertbaan and Schiphol-Oostbaan.

Runway use at Schiphol

Schiphol has six runways: Kaagbaan, Polderbaan, Aalsmeerbaan, Zwanenburgbaan, Buitenveldertbaan and Schiphol-Oostbaan. Which runways we use depends on the availability of the runways, the wind and weather conditions and the environmental regulations for runway use. In principle, two runways are always in use: one for departing and one for arriving aircraft. At peak moments, a second runway may be used.

Read more about flight paths and runway use here

A look back at air traffic 24 June - 4 July 2024

  • Runway use past weeks: Kaagbaan mostly used

    The Kaagbaan (34%) and the Polderbaan (33%) were used the most. The Aalsmeerbaan (14%) and Buitenveldertbaan (14%) were deployed as secondary runways. The Zwanenburgbaan (4% was under maintenance. The Schiphol-Oostbaan was deployed for 1% of flights.

  • 1,353 flights per day (average)

    In the period of 24 June – 7 July 2024, there was an average of 1,353 daily flights at Schiphol. We had predicted an average of 1,30 flights in our outlook. The number of flights decreased compared to previous weeks.

  • Peak times last week

    The early and late morning, early and late afternoon and evening landing peaks were followed by a take-off peak every day. There was average of 11 peak moments as a result of air traffic volumes. The peak start and end times deviated slightly, as expected.

Deployment per runway

Kaagbaan Runway usage

In the period of 24 June – 7 July 2024, the Kaagbaan was the most frequently used runway at Schiphol. It was deployed for 34% of all flights.

Polderbaan Runway usage

In the period of 24 June – 7 July 2024, the Polderbaan was on of the most frequently used runways at Schiphol. A third (33%) of flights used this runway.

Aalsmeerbaan Runway use last week

In the period of 24 June – 7 July 20240 the Aalsmeerbaan was deployed for 14% of flights, mainly as a second runway used during daytime peaks, depending on the wind direction at that time. The runway was also briefly used as the main runway at certain times because the Kaagbaan was not available due to weather conditions, works or runway inspections. This was the case on July 1 between 12.00 and 22.00 because of works on the Kaagbaan.

Zwanenburgbaan Runway usage

The Zwanenburg runway was unavailable until 30 June due to maintenance. The runway was therefore used for 4% of flights in the period from 24 June - 7 July 2024, less than usual. We resumed use of the runway from 1 June but deployment was limited due to work on the ILS, the Instrument Landing System. We mainly used this runway as a secondary runway during daytime peaks. The runway was used during three nights as a landing or take-off runway at times when the Kaagbaan was unavailable due to works.

Buitenveldertbaan Runway usage

The Buitenvelderbaan was used more often than usual during the period from 24 June - 7 July 2024, mainly as a landing runway, due to weather conditions in combination with maintenance on the Zwanenburgbaan. We used the Buitenveldertbaan for landing traffic at times during two nights because the Polderbaan was not deployable due to weather conditions. We deployed the Buitenveldertbaan for 14% of the flights.

Schiphol-Oostbaan Runway usage

The Schiphol-Oostbaan was used for 1% of commercial flights during the period from 24 June - 7 July 2024. The runway was used as a landing runway on several days at times due to weather conditions (for example during the stormy westerly wind Saturday 6 July) and due to work on the landing system of the Zwanenburgbaan.

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