Work at Schiphol railway station continues: modified train service for 21-day period

As a result of works on the Schiphol tunnel, a modified schedule will be in place at Schiphol railway station from 13 November until 4 December. The railway tunnels and the staircases/escalators leading to and from the platforms are being upgraded. The works scheduled for this 21-day period will also include the removal of sections of track.

The works may also cause disruption. Travellers who wish to report disruption can use the QR code, which can be found on the walls of the boxes (smoke compartments) that have been fitted to the escalators to enable the work to be done safely.

“We’re continuing where we left off this spring,” says Johan van der Velden, ProRail construction manager. “We’re in the process of replacing the whole track in the Schiphol tunnel and have now reached the platforms. The work will also include removing sections of the overhead lines. We’re installing what is known as a ‘current rail’. This will enable us to slightly raise the height of the track, bringing the train and platform to the same level. This is important for improving access to the train, especially for people with mobility issues.”

Concrete removal

Since we are removing tracks next to the platform, there will be more disruption than previously. Johan: “Let’s just say that removing the concrete where the tracks currently are will definitely create some noise. However, we will do our utmost to keep noise disturbance to a minimum. We will install noise-reducing barriers and use special machinery that produces less noise. We’ve also tested it and the results show that noise levels remain within all relevant standards.” The concrete will be removed on 14-17 and 21-24 November.

Removing ramps

As part of the Schiphol Multimodal Hub project, improvement work is now also continuing on the platforms. Erwin de Boer: “That’s something we’re working on all the time, but these works give us an opportunity to deliver and remove large-scale materials. We’ll be doing that again this time. During the first week, we’ll be demolishing a concrete stairway and dismantling and lifting out a ramp. All the materials will then be transported away by train. In the week after that, we’ll be laying new floors and starting construction work on these same stairways/lifts. On the other stairways/lifts, work will continue on the cosmetic finishing work with cladding panels and glass.”

Schiphol Airport railway station is one of the Netherlands’ five largest stations. Modifications are required in order to create sufficient capacity and ensure safety for the growing numbers of people travelling by public transport. This is why the track around Schiphol also needs to be properly maintained. We are doing that now, as part of the Schiphol Major Maintenance Project, in order to ensure that the track and tunnels can last another 40 years. With the Schiphol Multimodal Hub project, we are creating additional space on the platforms. This is being achieved partly by removing ramps and replacing them with escalators. These projects are running concurrently in order to minimise disruption for passengers. Only the replacement of the ramps and escalators will be completed by next spring. The other works will continue until 2028.

Plan your journey properly!

Travelling to and from Schiphol this autumn? If so, plan your journey in advance using the NS journey planner (NS-reisplanner).