Platform rebuilding work undertaken in 3 phases

Developments surrounding the Railway Platforms subproject are proceeding apace, with Phase 1 building work already in full swing and expected to be complete by early April. BAM is currently replacing all three lifts and renewing three escalators.

Gerrit Serne of ProRail took some great photos of the supply train being used to deliver and remove materials. The old escalators were removed in sections and taken away by the supply train at the end of the weekend.

Phase 1 (Q1 2023) will tackle all the lifts and three escalators. To make these works possible, a sort of box has been built to cover each of these ‘up/down points’ on the Plaza. This prevents noise and dust nuisance for travellers on the Plaza, and at the same time it ensures a safe, bounded work area for the builders. It also creates a temporary fume barrier between the platforms and the Plaza. The diagrams below show which works we will be carrying out in the next phases, Phase 2 (Q4 2023) and Phase 3 (Q1 2024).