Koepelstraat work proceeding according to plan

Work on the VBW Arrivals Passage subproject (on Koepelstraat, below and alongside the viaduct by P1) is going very well. The GOS temporary bus station is already available to NS for train replacement transport purposes. The rest of this subproject is still in progress.

The first transport functions will be moved from their current location on Jan Dellaertplein (outside the Plaza) to their new location on Koepelstraat from May onwards. Transportation crews for aircraft personnel, currently stationed on lane D near the bus station, will be the first to make the move to Koepelstraat. Uber taxis will follow later. After summer 2023, the entire VBW A subproject will be completed, and all remaining transport functions will be moved to Koepelstraat. The space freed up on Jan Dellaertplein will allow work on the realisation of the bus station to begin (see the update on the Bus subproject).