News: Past and future developments

We haven’t exactly been sitting still lately. Renovations on Departure and Lounge 1 are in full swing, and an enormous amount of work has been carried out over the past two months. Here’s an overview of everything we’ve done so far, and a look at what’s ahead. 

Published on: 25 January 2019

A short look back: 

  • The new staff restaurant on the third floor has been made fully wind- and waterproof. - Finishing work on the Star Alliance and Swissport business-class lounges has started.
  • The new interior is starting to take shape: the kitchen, flooring and furniture are all currently being installed.
  • We’ve started renovation work on the Departure Hall façade, which needs to be altered to accommodate a new interfloor access point. The old façade will be demolished soon.
  • The steelworks in the Departure Hall mezzanine are finished.
  • Preparations for the mezzanine access point are underway. Passengers who have already checked in at home and are only travelling with hand baggage will soon be able to pass through directly to the security filter on the mezzanine.

Slated renovation work:

  • The new Star Alliance and Swissport business-class lounges will be ready for use in February.
  • The old façade of Departure Hall 1 will be demolished.
  • Protective plating will be installed over the mezzanine steelworks.
  • A footbridge will be put in at check-in desk row 8, which is intended primarily for work traffic.
  • The open landing will soon be closed and become part of the KLM Lounge in Departure Lounge 1.
  • Construction work on a temporary security filter on Cockpitplein is already well underway.
  • The former HMSHost offices on the second floor will be demolished.
  • The preliminary new design for Lounge 1 will be finalized.