News: KLM Crown Lounge Europe pushing boundaries

We are currently using part of KLM’s Crown Lounge Europe to create space for extra security lanes in Departure Hall 1 – half of it, to be precise. That’s why we’re extending the lounge on the other side. That’s how KLM will still have a surface area of 2,700 square metres. This means that Departure Hall 1 will have more space, and KLM will keep their space and will benefit from a smarter layout and more seating for their travellers.

Published on: 23 April 2019

Ready by autumn

We are currently working hard on the designs, to make sure that the renovation benefits everyone concerned: more space for the departure procedure, and more seating for KLM travellers. The look and feel of the new part of the departure lounge will blend seamlessly with the existing section. If everything goes according to plan, we will begin construction work on 1 July, and the renovated departure lounge is expected to be ready for use by mid-September.