News: Lifts and stairs at Schiphol Airport train station to be renewed

The lifts at Schiphol Airport train station will be renewed from 8 January 2023. The lifts, which link the train platforms to the Schiphol Plaza directly above, will be renewed so as to guarantee their future reliability. During construction work, travellers will be able to use the fixed stairs, escalators, and moving walkways. Train travellers to and from Schiphol will be able to ask for NS assistance if necessary. A number of fixed stairs and escalators will also be renewed during the same period.

Published on: 20 December 2022

Renewal of lifts

The first lift to be renewed, the one on platform 5/6, will be taken out of use from 8 January. From 15 January this will be followed by the lifts on platforms 1/2 and 3/4. All the lifts will be renewed simultaneously in order to keep the period of inconvenience to travellers as short as possible. The new lifts will come into use in early April 2023.

For most travellers, moving walkways and escalators will provide an alternative to the lifts. Travellers with heavy luggage will, for example, be able to use the moving walkways. During the work, disabled train travellers who depend on lifts will be advised to travel via a different station. They will be given replacement transport, as the train station at Schiphol Airport will be effectively inaccessible to them. To make use of this alternative transport option, they should contact NS Travel Assistance.

Double escalators

Starting in early January 2023, we will be replacing a number of fixed stairways with escalators. This means that until early April a single stairway and a single escalator will be closed at each platform. Once installed, the additional escalators will offer more comfort to train travellers.

Schiphol Airport train station renewal

These renewal works are needed to give future train travellers a better user experience of the train station at Schiphol Airport. This station is unique in that it squeezes several functions into a relatively small area. The existing public transport hub and the Plaza were built in the 1990s, but since then the number of public transport users has risen sharply. The renewal works are a necessary response to ensure adequate carrying capacity.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Amsterdam Transport Region, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, NS, ProRail and Schiphol have joined forces to ensure that Schiphol Airport remains a comfortable and safe transport interchange for travellers. Read more on their partnership.

Travel advice

Consult a travel planner before you set out on your journey. If you have any questions about your travel options, or you would like to book a travel assistant, contact NS Customer Service.