News: From demolition to new heights

We have been hard at work in recent months, and the results are now evident. And we are not standing still in the run-up to the summer, either. A brief summary of the milestones we have reached and upcoming activities.

Published on: 31 May 2019

Milestones celebrated

The temporary security filter is now almost windproof and watertight, and on 23 May we celebrated its topping out. An important milestone, which we naturally celebrated by raising the traditional beer. The migration of the filter’s SER has also been completed, as has the skeleton of the new lift shaft at the front of Departures 1. In addition, the steel frame for the open landing at the rear of the mezzanine floor (above your head after Security Filter 1) has been wheeled inside and erected. Another big job.

Pre-summer work

Although not all activities are immediately obvious, in the next few weeks we will be busy with the following work.

  • The equipment and steel frame on the roof of the B-C corridor.
  • Further work on the new stairway-lift combination at the front of Departures 1.
  • The new BPS on the third floor of Departures 1.
  • Completion of the construction documents for the shell of the new catering and meeting centre on the third floor.
  • More demolition work on the second floor: the HMS Host offices, the old BPS and the old Swissport Lounge.
  • Installation of additional reinforcing columns between the mezzanine floor and the existing one.
  • A new stairway-lift combination one floor above Schiphol Plaza. As a result, a large area near the central stairway and lift in the plaza will be sealed off from mid-June.