Our Wait Times API explored: Reduce travel stress

Schiphol’s Wait Times API offers predicted wait times for various locations where queues might arise. Developers can use this API to display wait times and positively influence the perception of people waiting in a queue.

Our Wait Times API explored

Manage expectations by giving clarity

The Wait Times API provides estimated wait times, based on the current number of people in line and the processing capacity at that time. These predicted wait times can be displayed anywhere.

At Schiphol for instance, we use this API to display wait times on screens at security, in the app and on the website. This way we aim to manage the travellers’ expectations, give them more control over their traveller’s journey and thus reducing travel stress.

How to make the most of this API

The Wait Times API adds value to the traveller’s journey by giving travellers insight in the wait times they may encounter, during their journey at Schiphol. We invite developers to use their imagination and combine this API with other APIs and to come up with innovative products.

  • Reduce travel stress

    Provide insight in wait times to manage expectations of travellers and reduce their travel stress.

  • Create and discover insights

    Provide clear insights to travellers and discover patterns in wait times at the same time.

  • Great predictive algorithms

    Use estimated wait times that are pretty accurate, based on current airport data.

  • Need technical assistance?

    Our special API support team is there to help you, 24/7. You can contact us through number +31 20 601 44 45.

  • Commercially interested?

    Meet our business developers. They are happy to help you to develop value propositions and to create value with our APIs.