Our Boarding Pass Service explored: Where is your passenger?

Schiphol’s Boarding Pass Service provides airlines direct information about the number of passengers who successfully scanned their boarding pass at the security filter. This gives airlines the insight to manage their boarding process better and more efficiently.

Our Boarding Pass Service explored

Know when to wait for your pax

The Boarding Pass Service helps airlines reduce the delay of flights, due to absent passengers. Knowing if passengers are already at Schiphol or not, airlines may decide to depart or wait for a passenger.

When airlines know that their passengers are at Schiphol, but have not boarded yet, they can urge them to go to the gate with the rush service.

Information in the Boarding Pass Service is extracted from the boarding pass scan:

  • The boarding pass scan identifies (the number of) passengers who scanned their boarding pass at security and provides this information to the airlines, who can identify these passengers in their own systems with a sequence number.
  • The Boarding Pass Service is available via the boarding pass scan API.
  • This API is available for the sector only.

How to make the most of this Service

The Boarding Pass Service is an important tool for all airlines to manage their boarding process and prevent unnecessary departure delays. This API is only available for developers of the aviation sector.

  • Follow your pax

    Know when passengers are at the airport and have gone through security.

  • Optimize your OTP

    Decide whether to depart or wait for a passenger who has just arrived at Schiphol.

  • More grip on boarding process

    Manage predictions of the number of passengers that arrive in time at the gate or rush late arrivals.

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