Dutch Mobility Hackathon: Opening up to hackers

Planes, trains and automobiles – On a daily basis, Schiphol, NS and the ANWB ensure that millions of people reach their destination. For the first time, these three Dutch mobility partners open up their data to hackers at the Dutch Mobility Hackathon 2017.

Dutch Mobility Hackathon

Mobility partners organise first Dutch Mobility Hackathon

During the first Dutch Mobility Hackathon on 17 and 18 November 2017, developers and other (data)specialists are able to analyse, combine and visualise data, provided by the three mobility partners. Their main challenge is to discover opportunities for innovation, through smart and sustainable mobility solutions. The main goal of this hackathon is to find mobility solutions that improve the well-being of people in the Netherlands in various ways. Finding new solutions forms a critical factor in meeting international climate change goals. Technology and data play a key role in finding and developing these solutions.

The hackathon is organised in partnership with start-up incubator UtrechtInc.

Data-driven innovations

Schiphol is very curious to see with what innovative solutions hackers, ambitious students, professionals and mobility experts come up with. What solutions are possible when combining the data of the three mobility partners? And what are the weak components in our APIs, that we need to fix or adjust. By opening up our data, we hope to make a big step forward discovering new innovative solutions.

Challenge to win

Various teams of developers, marketers, designers, data scientists and mobility experts get 24 hours, to work together to conceptualise and prototype smart mobility solutions for the Netherlands. They get challenged on issues such as traffic jams, flight delays, location services, road assistance, traffic safety, train outages and route guidance. On Saturday 18 November, during the finale, a jury will determine which team will be awarded prizes.

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