How we add value

Royal Schiphol Group is a well-established airport operator. We have 100+ years of experience at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and our experience and expertise has flourished into a network with dedicated and experienced airport professionals – all of whom share best practices in the operation of world-class airports around the world. We have been an active investor in our international participations since the mid-90s, both as an expert and long-term partner. Key capabilities of the Royal Schiphol Group include complex expansion projects and capacity optimisation, both at hub and O/D-airports.

We are innovators. We always search for and develop new technologies and innovative processes. We continuously re-invent our airports by improving our services. We are world leaders in sustainability, security screening and digital innovation. We are traveller-centric and aim for the highest satisfaction among travellers and surpass their expectations.

An airport is more than just a place where travellers can catch their plane. We see an airport as a ‘city’, in which people meet, travel, work and do more. We have been leaders in the ‘airport city’ way of thinking since the early 90’s, and our approach has become a proven industry-standard since then. The airport city concept led to a structural increase in non-aeronautical revenue and became a backbone in the customer and stakeholder value of our airports.

We participate in airports as a true partner in which cooperation and co-creation is key. We build on the strengths of the existing organisation and add value where we can with our highly-skilled staff and experience. We are a stable financial partner and highly involved stakeholders.

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Meet our team