Food & Flower cargo news: Staying fresh at 500 feet

It’s hard to keep food and flowers fresh in transit – but that’s what the Food and Flower team at Schiphol Cargo are here for. Check this page regularly for the latest news stories, interviews and updates related to flowers and food cargo at Schiphol.

  • Joining forces for smarter, more sustainable cargo

    More than 35% of the import cargo at Schiphol are flowers. And this delicate cargo needs special protection and efficient shipping. The Circular Alliance is helping to do both.

  • The Holland Flower Alliance leadership team gets freshened up

    The Holland Flower Alliance’s (HFA) leadership team has gained new blood after KLM Cargo’s alliance member Wico Santbulte, who has played a key role in its development retired.

  • Reducing carbon footprint and development of local communities

    The Holland Flower Alliance’s (HFA) steering group committee visited Kenya's Naivasha flower farms on a recent trip to discuss sustainable flower transportation.

  • Customs Compliance: what you didn’t know about the flower industry

    The world of Customs Compliance is a necessary but often overlooked component of importing and exporting goods, especially when it comes to perishables like flowers, due to the high economic value and the need to protect European flora and fauna.

  • Ideal Flowerbox game changer in the Flower industry

    Holland Flower Alliance presented at IFTEX the benefits of the Ideal Flowerbox and hopes to gain more partners to upscale the process further.

  • The ideal flower box in the making

    One of the latest initiatives of Holland Flower Alliance is the creation of the ideal flower box. See the movie to see what this looks like.

  • The real Flower Story

    The flower industry experienced a rollercoaster year in 2018, mainly due to adverse weather conditions.

  • Holland Flower Alliance

    Project manager Eline van den Berg explains core mission of the Holland Flower Alliance

  • Flower cool chain

    Marcel Claessen shares the big steps of a seamless cooling chain for flowers

  • Brand-new website

    The Holland Flower Alliance launched its new website at Flower Logistics Africa 2017

  • Flower supply chain

    Understanding the flower supply chain is key to improving it

  • Eline van den Berg

    Meet the new project manager of the Holland Flower Alliance

  • DűmmenOrangeEU

    The quality of the flower supply chain begins at the farm

  • Kenya - Netherlands

    Reinforcing the air bridge to ensure Schiphol stays world’s top flower-trading centre

  • Perishables by Air

    Grounds for Change? Discussing the air cargo supply chain for flowers