Food & Flowers articles: Temperature controlled freshness

  • Holland Flower Alliance

    Project manager Eline van den Berg explains core mission of the Holland Flower Alliance

  • Flower cool chain

    Marcel Claessen shares the big steps of a seamless cooling chain for flowers

  • Brand-new website

    The Holland Flower Alliance launched its new website at Flower Logistics Africa 2017

  • Flower supply chain

    Understanding the flower supply chain is key to improving it

  • Eline van den Berg

    Meet the new project manager of the Holland Flower Alliance

  • DűmmenOrangeEU

    The quality of the flower supply chain begins at the farm

  • Kenya - Netherlands

    Reinforcing the air bridge to ensure Schiphol stays world’s top flower-trading centre

  • Perishables by Air

    Grounds for Change? Discussing the air cargo supply chain for flowers

  • Common ground

    Flower Shippers Forum: more common ground than differences

  • Seamless chain

    The world's top flower-trading centre