Schiphol Cargo: Our story

How can we do it smarter?
We ask ourselves that question. Constantly. Repeatedly.
Because asking it takes us further.
Asking it ignites innovation.
And fuels collaboration.

But when you aim to be the smartest air cargo hub in Europe,
you don't just ask yourself that question. You ask others, too.
Because air cargo isn't a domain of one.
It's the domain of many.
Only when every link thinks together,
can steps become leaps.
So that we can all move forward.

That's why we start collaborations.
Why we share information and inspiration.
And engage in dialogue with the government.
It's the reason we challenge our cargo community to work on even smarter,
more transparent and more efficient cargo processes.
That's how we make our name in the world.
And that's how we work for your business, our business, and the Netherlands as a whole.

Want to find out how to make your cargo processes smarter?