Annual report, value creation and accreditations: Schiphol is ready for the future

We want to ensure that you will continue to be able to fly safely and with a good conscience in the future. To make this possible, we are focusing our business operations on renewable energy and reducing energy consumption, the circular economy, optimum mobility, employment and environment, noise and air quality. You can read more about it in the documents and links below.

Annual report and agreements

In our annual report you will read why we have set certain goals for ourselves, how we wish to achieve these goals, for whom and with whom we are pursuing them and the value we give back to the community in the process. These goals also enable us to expand on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Schiphol also helped initiate the Airports Sustainability Declaration. The initiative involves working with other airports.

Royal Schiphol Group is an airport company with an important socio-economic task. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol creates value for the community and for the economy not only in the greater Amsterdam metropolitan area but also in the rest of the Netherlands and beyond, too.

Value creation

You might be thinking: Value creation?' What's that?. Well, the value that Schiphol adds can be measured by the airport's impact on certain aspects of society. Our input produces either positive or negative output (impact). A sum of the positive and negative impact is the ultimate result.

When determining Schiphol's value creation, we look at manufactured, social, human, intellectual, natural and financial capital.


Read more about Schiphol's Corporate Social Responsibility in the PDF below. Topics including sustainable employment, accessibility and the path to a climate-friendly and circular airport are neatly arranged for you to explore. As well as what we are doing with respect to the local area, noise and air quality and how we demonstrate our social involvement.

Recognition and awards

Who isn't proud of receiving recognition and awards? We are certainly proud to be the recipients of the Eco-innovation award 2018. The Airport Council International Europe (ACI) annually awards a European airport that performs well and innovatively, in the sphere of sustainability.

Since 2009 already, we have received several awards and recognitions for our efforts to make our processes more sustainable and our focus on the local area, and noise and emissions reduction. Furthermore, Royal Schiphol Group has enjoyed a top 10 position in the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Transparency Benchmark for a number of years.

In addition, Eindhoven Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are ACI ACA 3+ accredited.