News: New Notifly app shows expected air traffic

Would you like to know how many planes are expected to fly above your location today? You can check using the new Notifly app for your mobile phone or tablet. This application allows you look up to 24 hours ahead at expected air traffic in your area. You can also follow live air traffic on a map of Schiphol and see which runways are in use. Download the app now!

Published on: 2 June 2021

Notifications when forecast changes

The application gives you an insight into air traffic and the expected number of flights above your location. Schiphol's aim with this app is to make air traffic more predictable for the local community. If weather conditions or runway maintenance lead to an increase in aircraft flying overhead, Notifly will send a notification so that you immediately know about the situation and why you can hear more aircraft.

Follow live flights on a map

As well checking the predicted air traffic, Notifly allows you to follow live air traffic around Schiphol. You can see which runways are being used for take-off and landing and the routes that aircraft are flying. By clicking on a flight, you can see information about the aircraft type, the runway it took off from or which one it will land on, the origin or destination, and the altitude and speed. This new app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Developed for and with our neighbours

Notifly was developed because our neighbours wanted air traffic to be more predictable. Future users of the app were involved at various stages in the development process and more than 1500 neighbours and Schiphol employees gave feedback during the final tests. The app is now live and can be used by everyone. Even so, we will continue to cooperate with local residents to improve Notifly. If you'd like to give your opinion, please provide feedback in the app.

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