News: Major maintenance Kaagbaan Runway: mission accomplished

The Kaagbaan Runway is ready to be used again; after more than 9 weeks, the major maintenance project is complete. It was a considerable task and the weather didn't always cooperate, but we pulled out all the stops to get everything done on time. And the mission has been accomplished. Aircraft can take off from and land on the Kaagbaan Runway again for another 7 years. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, the runway will be available for air traffic starting this evening.

Published on: 25 April 2024

Hard work

Over the last 9.5 weeks, a lot of hard work went into the major maintenance on the Kaagbaan Runway. The Touch Down Zone got a new asphalt layer, and the entire runway lighting was either refurbished or replaced. Furthermore, rainwater drains around the runway were replaced, the Kaagbaan tunnel was upgraded, and we created a new crossing at Sierra 1 and Sierra 10. In addition, work continued on the dual taxiway project and electricity cables were laid underground. The runway fully complies with international laws and regulations again. In the past few days, various kinds of tests were conducted to check that everything is working correctly. We got the green light – the Kaagbaan is ready to be used again!

Finishing touches and follow-up

Now that the work on the Kaagbaan Runway has been completed, there are still several activities that we need to carry out in the coming period.

  • Part of the major maintenance also included modifying the fields around the runway and sowing more grass seeds. This work could not be done before due to the weather. The fields closest to the runway have been sown and the others, along the south side of the runway, will follow later. These activities will take place at times when the Kaagbaan needs to be taken out of use for other projects or works.
  • The top layer of asphalt on the runway is made up of granular material. The wheel friction caused when planes take off and land can cause these granules to loosen. That's normal for this kind of asphalt. However, it is important that we remove these loose particles. Read more about that here.
  • As planned, we are continuing to work on taxiways S1 and S2 as part of the Dual Taxiway Quebec project. This work is taking place on 25 April and 1 July. While it is being carried out, it is not possible to land on the Kaagbaan Runway at times of limited visibility. You can find the most up-to-date information about the work and the impact it has on runway use here.

Thank you for your patience

Over the past week, many local residents will have noticed that the Kaagbaan Runway was undergoing maintenance. Some because it was quieter than usual, but the majority because of increased nuisance due to aircraft using the other runways. Thank you for your understanding and patience.