Find out more about Royal Schiphol Group: Our organisation and activities

Royal Schiphol Group is a company with an important socio-economic task, because our airports create value for society and the economy. Our aim is for Schiphol to be the most sustainable and high quality airport for passengers, airlines and logistics service providers alike.

Core activities

Royal Schiphol Group offers high-quality air traffic facilities and ensures our airports are optimally accessible. In order to achieve this effectively and efficiently, we have divided our core activities across four business areas. Together, they determine the success of Royal Schiphol Group. We only allow our organisation and airports to grow in harmony with our surroundings. In every important decision we make, we strike a careful balance between people, planet and profit.

The leadership of our company

Our ambitions call for strong, responsible and transparent leadership. To ensure this, we apply guidelines, principles and codes. Our Management Board and Supervisory Board are responsible for running Royal Schiphol Group and are accountable to government bodies and our stakeholders.

Our national and international activities

Our most important activity in the Netherlands is running Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We are also owners/co-owners of a number of regional airports. In addition, we have a share in and/or collaborate closely with a broad range of international airports. We take the lead and invest in knowledge-sharing. To achieve this, we work in close collaboration with other parties in the sector.