Our four business areas:

In order to achieve our mission of Connecting the Netherlands effectively and efficiently, we have clustered our core activities around four business areas: Aviation, Consumer Products & Services, Real Estate and Alliances & Participations. These business areas guide the implementation of our joint strategy and determine the success of Royal Schiphol Group.


The business area Aviation plays a pivotal role at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, serving passengers, airlines, handling agents and logistics services providers alike. Aviation supplies and manages the infrastructure needed to ensure pleasant, reliable and efficient arrival and departure processes for passengers, baggage and cargo. The business area is responsible for coordinating safety in the terminal, on aprons and roads and in airside areas and buildings.

Consumer Products & Services

The business area Consumer Products & Services works with partners to create unique experiences for passengers, with a surprising range of shops, catering facilities and services. These professionals reach out to and inform passengers via various online and offline media concepts. Offering a diverse range of parking products and premium services such as Privium and the VIP Centre, this business area facilitates a carefree and comfortable travel process.

Real Estate

The business area Real Estate develops and manages real estate at and around the airport. The central task of this business area is to ensure that the airport area offers attractive business locations and a pleasant environment. This business area offers first-class real estate such as office buildings, logistics buildings and leases premises in the terminal. Schiphol Real Estate is engaged in various enterprises at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and at and around Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport.

Alliances & Participations

Our fourth business area, Alliances & Participations, is concerned with the operation of regional airports and the development of international business activities. Like Schiphol itself, the regional airports are developed on the AirportCity model: we invest in real estate and create an attractive range of shops, hotels and restaurants. We also export this AirportCity concept and operational expertise to airports abroad. Thereby we generate income as well as gain new knowledge which we reinvest to develop Mainport Schiphol.