Lost vegetables given new lease of life

As from today, soups made by De Verspillingsfabriek will also be available at Schiphol Plaza. Soup & Bakery by De Verspillingsfabriek is a joint initiative of HMSHost International, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and De Verspillingsfabriek. According to De Verspillingsfabriek, in the Netherlands we throw away at least €5 billion worth of food every year, even though this is often still perfectly edible. De Verspillingsfabriek went in search of a solution allowing the food industry to provide a new use for ‘lost vegetables’.

In De Verspillingsfabriek (which means 'The Surplus Food Factory’), any vegetables that are considered to be too small, the wrong shape or wrongly coloured, as well as trimmings, cuttings and stalks, are used to cook delicious soups. Guests at its new Schiphol outlet will be able to savour a variety of soups, including tomato soup and pea soup. As De Verspillingsfabriek also hates wasting human talent, the soups are made by people with a disadvantage on the labour market.

In addition to the soups, guests at Soup & Bakery by De Verspillingsfabriek can also enjoy sausage rolls, pastries, muffins and brownies baked by Zorgbakkerij van Hutten, a bakery with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. These products are baked according to recipes that feature less sugar and salt and use healthier fats. This is another place where no talent goes to waste, as the bakery employs individuals with a hearing impairment.

Coming from the railway station, Soup & Bakery by De Verspillingsfabriek is located in the direction of Arrivals Hall 3, and is open daily from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m.