Vaccines Gateway Netherlands: Safe, secure and swift distribution

Synergy by Community approach; Capability, Capacity and transparency

  • We have a set of scripts and scenarios in place when the COVID-19 vaccines are ready for the market and distribution
  • Packing and volume: preparatory measures has been taken based on the expected volumes and the different pharma packaging.
  • Greatly experienced supply chain with temperature controlled shipments
  • Shared capacity within Cargo Community; Joint Dry Ice stock/ cool room facilities etc.
  • Shared knowledge and data within the VGN

Cool storage for Pharma products at and nearby Schiphol

Disclaimer: 2nd and 3rd line storage capacity is based on data from multiple sources -
Subject to changes and typing errors.

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Worldwide connected:

Mainport with global reach, regionally accessible with the best connectivity by air and road.

  • With 120 airlines servicing 316 destinations in 98 different countries, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport offers the single most direct scheduled destinations of all mainland European Airports.
  • Sufficient capacity in the regular network to provide safe, secure and swift transport of the vaccines. If extra capacity needed, we can trust on cooperative support of the Dutch Government.
  • 5 cargo handlers active at Schiphol

Source: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol 2020

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Reliability: GDP and/or CEIV certified supply chain

  • All Ground handlers are GDP compliant and/or CEIV certified
  • All Hauliers are GDP compliant and/or CEIV certified
  • All Forwarders are GDP compliant and/or CEIV certified
  • All Airlines are GDP compliant and/or CEIV certified

Efficiency and speed with the help of border customs

  • Creating fast lanes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol which will create ‘immediate in immediate out’ and thus very little storage time on Schiphol and will enable the highest connection time possible
  • Customs is an active participant and has an active role within the VGN by making the swift checks and smooth customs clearance available.
  • The “Kmar”(Royal Military Police) is on board for the right security measures and processes.
  • Positive and Cooperative support of the Dutch government.
  • Less hand over moments result in less temperature incursions.
  • 1.44 million tonnes of cargo in 2020.