Smart Cargo Mainport Program: Future-proofing landside logistics

The Landside Pick-up and Delivery project is built around optimising truck flows to and from Schiphol. It has a set of operational rules, so truck drivers arriving at Schiphol will know when, how, and where to load and unload their trucks, and at the right time and location.

This process will be supported by an app. The app allows hauliers to book a timeslot and access real-time information about handling and waiting times. Data-sharing is the underlying factor, which will allow all parties in the chain to communicate the right information to decrease waiting times and delays in the loading and unloading of trucks, as well as allow for more efficient use of resources at handlers’ warehouses.

If you would like to know how your cargo operations can be improved, please contact David van der Meer at, Program Manager of the Smart Cargo Mainport Program. We look forward to you joining us as we shape Europe’s smartest cargo hub.

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