at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with SCMP: Optimal Landside Logistics

With Jeroen Hagens, Project Manager Landside Pickup and Delivery, Smart Cargo Mainport Program (SCMP)

Since the launch of SCMP at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the team behind the program has been innovating and implementing applications to achieve the goal of becoming the smartest cargo hub in Europe.

The Landside Pickup and Delivery project falls within one of the several SCMP projects. The project is currently focused on export freight, with plans to expand it into import freight in the near future.

The initiative has three goals – to reduce waiting hours of hauliers, acquire insight from landside for ground handling agents, and to smooth out peak movements.

Jeroen Hagens, Project Manager Landside Pickup and Delivery, SCMP, is leading the Landside Pickup and Delivery project, and has been instrumental in developing applications and collaborating with partner organisations.

“Right now, we are working on developing the Trucking App, centralising data, and creating operational rules,” said Hagens.

“With being the first point of contact for Landside Pickup and Delivery, my tasks include identifying market needs and translating them into functional requirements for the Trucking App, where relevant parties will receive truck and shipment information at an earlier stage.

“This will improve planning throughout the chain, leading to an improved usage of resources, and reduce throughput time within the cargo chain.

“I am also responsible for collaborating with software developers for technical requirements, supporting SCMP working groups, ensuring market parties are provided with progress reports, and determining a strategy model for earnings, markets and future scoping.”

The project’s success lies in the team’s seamless work with ground handlers, airlines, forwarders, hauliers, and Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN), as well as consulting with the rest of the market through the sector councils.

Initially, the project is focused on solving short-term problems, but the long-term goal is to establish a Neutral Control Tower.

“A Neutral Control Tower will ensure optimal planning of trips, higher load factors of trucks, faster turnaround at the handling agent, and will provide a transparent chain for increased reliability and efficiency,” added Hagens.

“The added value of a Neutral Control Tower will be the introduction of transparency in the landside process at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which will ensure reliability through operational agreements.

“The biggest challenge lies in establishing operational rules, but we are confident that we will be able to form an agreement to move forward into the implementation stage of the Trucking App.”

Hagens hopes such agreements will be formalised soon to ensure the progression of SCMP and the Landside Pickup and Delivery project at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.