For our young fans: The coolest facts about Schiphol

Onze jonge fans

The Schiphol Curriculum for groups 7 & 8

Do you live within the Schiphol vicinity and want to know more about your ‘special neighbour’? Ask your teacher to request the Schiphol curriculum. It promises to make maths, language and geography lessons more fun by acquainting students with various aspects of the Dutch national airport. It is designed for primary school students in groups 7 and 8 in the Schiphol area. Please note that the curriculum is only available in Dutch.

Your teacher can request the curriculum by emailing We need to know the school’s name, address, class, teacher’s name and the number of students/teaching packages required.

Impress your class with your knowledge of Schiphol

Do you have an oral presentation to give in class? That can be a bit nerve-racking! Don't worry, you have come to the right place. Everyone is bound to enjoy an oral presentation about flying. Most people love travelling, and think a huge aircraft taking off is something quite awesome. With the information you will find here you are sure to give a solid and enthusiastic presentation. Best of luck!

Did you know that...

There are loads of fun facts and trivia to share about Schiphol? For example, did you know that the first military aircraft landed at Schiphol on 19 September 1916? And that our national airport lies at the bottom of the former Haarlemmer lake, four metres below sea level? No? Then we can almost certainly tell you plenty more interesting stories about Schiphol that you don't already know.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has its own fire brigade

To ensure optimum fire safety, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has its own fire brigade. Under normal circumstances, the airport's fire service can get to the scene of an aviation incident within three minutes of it being reported, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.