News: What do you think of the MRS?

Schiphol values your opinion as a neighbour. Until recently, the Schiphol Environmental Council (ORS) offered local residents a platform where all issues, interests and parties around the development of Schiphol and its surroundings came together. This year, the ORS will become the Schiphol Social Council (MRS - Maatschappelijke Raad Schiphol). And you can give your opinion on that now.

Published on: 16 February 2023

What is the purpose of the MRS?

The MRS will be a statutory consultation and advisory body for everything to do with aviation and Schiphol. Its purpose is to provide input and advice on concrete projects to prevent or reduce disturbance. This advice is addressed to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management or Schiphol. Several points of view may coexist in these advices. The MRS can advise on its own initiative and on request, will think about the quality of the living environment and will put forward thoughts on the matter.

Give your opinion now

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is currently holding an internet consultation in which you can give your opinion on the new MRS. Do you have any good ideas for the MRS? Or how existing and new neighbours can participate? You can submit your ideas until March 27th via this link.