News: Update multiple measures successfully introduced

Since Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) launched the programme to reduce noise nuisance, multiple nuisance-reducing measures have successfully been introduced. This can be seen in the June 2023 update. The programme consists of 44 measures to improve the living environment for Schiphol’s neighbours.

Published on: 26 June 2023

Measures to reduce nuisance

Examples of successfully implemented measures are: Flying around the northern residential centres at night when landing on the Polderbaan and Zwanenburgbaan runways, landing using GPS navigation and optimising departure routes, including at Bodegraven.

Latest measures

The most recent measures (2023) to successfully be introduced are: More efficient spacing for landing aircraft and Time-based spacing for landing aircraft. These reduce noise nuisance for residents living below the approach routes to the most noise-sensitive runways by reducing the frequency or duration of usage. On you will find an explanation of the noise-reducing effect of each measure, its current status and how the surrounding area is impacted.

Evaluations available

The implementation of measures is followed by an evaluation in which we examine whether the measure is effective. Recently, the evaluations of the measures More efficient landing at times of reduced visibility, Optimising take-off routes at Bodegraven, Nieuwkoop and Gouda, Descending from higher altitudes towards Polderbaan Runway during the night and Fixed approach route Zwanenburgbaan north during the night have been added to the website.

Descending from higher altitudes and ground noise

Schiphol and LVNL see the reduction of noise nuisance-reducing measures, such as those in the programme, as an ongoing project. We take topical issues and new developments into account, such as the new enforcement policy announced by the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. This affects measures involving the optimisation of flight paths. In the coming period we will be working on various measures, including Descending from higher altitudes during the day, Fixed approach routes during the day, Improving the predictability of departing air traffic and reducing ground noise in Badhoevedorp and Hoofddorp-Noord. Furthermore, we will be evaluating several previously introduced measures.

Questions of suggestions?

If you have any questions about the measures to reduce noise nuisance, or suggestions, please contact us at Our experts will evaluate whether suggestions are workable before they are added to the measures in the programme. We also use reports from the Local Community Contact Centre (BAS) to identify trends and potential solutions. If you ever report to BAS, we at Schiphol and LVNL will also hear about it. You can contact BAS at