News: Keep your eyes out for the Luchtbewakers web series!

If you’ve always wondered what happens in the cockpit during a flight, how Dutch Air Traffic Control manages the departing and landing traffic – or simply want to see what the Ministry of Defence do at Schiphol every day – then watch the web series Luchtbewakers. You will be able to stream the episode on Sunday 16 February at 07:00 on and YouTube (in Dutch only).

Published on: 11 February 2020

Oh, now I see!

Flying is so commonplace these days that people don’t often see all the work that is done behind-the-scenes to make each flight happen. Schiphol is joining forces with many organisations to ensure that everything runs safely and smoothly. The Luchtbewakers show will give you a glimpse behind the scenes.

De Telegraaf’s web series

We have given De Telegraaf cameras exclusive access to important airport processes, along with a number of partners. For example, they will take you aboard a Transavia plane and show you what happens in the cockpit during a flight. You will also discover which other professionals are involved remotely, which will give you a better impression the work performed at and around Schiphol.