News: It’s final: no second Kaagbaan Runway at Schiphol

The final decision has been taken: there will be no second Kaagbaan Runway. The Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Mark Harbers announced in a letter to the House of Representatives last month that he intends to free up the land reserved for this possible new runway at Schiphol. And that is good news for our neighbours.

Published on: 21 July 2023

Land had been reserved for the construction of a new runway at Schiphol since 2009. As this new runway was to be parallel to the existing Kaagbaan Runway, it became known as the second or parallel Kaagbaan. This reservation has a major impact on quality of life in the surrounding area, especially in the village of Rijsenhout (situated at the far end of the possible new runway).

Few benefits

From our own perspective as an airport, we reached the conclusion after extensive research that, instead of reducing noise nuisance, a second Kaagbaan Runway would only displace the problem. In addition, we now see no need for an extra runway. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has carried out its own study, which also shows that a second Kaagbaan Runway offers few benefits and displaces rather than reduces the noise.

Answering the call

Earlier this year, as part of our eight-point plan for a quieter, cleaner and better Schiphol, we therefore asked the minister to lift the restrictions on the reserved land. He has since expressed his willingness to answer that call. While this is good news, we also realise that the area south-east of Schiphol in particular may have benefited from an extra runway. With this in mind, we are fully committed to implementing the measures in our Minder Hinder programme to reduce nuisance in that area too.

Share your thoughts

Another point worth making is that revoking the land reservation for the runway is still only a proposal: existing regulations need to be adapted in order to make it happen. An internet consultation has therefore been launched to invite reactions and opinions. Would you like to share your thoughts on this issue? Go to this website and let us know what you think until midnight on Tuesday, 1 August.

Once all of the responses have been processed, the decision is due to be considered by the Council of Ministers in the autumn. If the Council backs the proposal, the reservation will be lifted permanently in the near future.

Quieter, cleaner, better

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