Tackling illegal trade in people, plants, wildlife

Schiphol is actively combating traffic in people and protected plants and animals at the airport. We are training staff in this area and running awareness campaigns. We are also collaborating with national and international partners to tackle this together. This is an urgent matter as unfortunately it turns out that aviation is often used for the purpose of illegal trade.

Wildlife Trafficking Task Force member

Schiphol is a member of Airport Council International’s Wildlife Trafficking Task Force. We work closely with various partners to tackle the illegal trade in protected animal and plant species that happens via aviation. As one of the world’s largest airport hubs, we want to help prevent and fight trafficking.

Buckingham Palace verklaring

Schiphol and more than one hundred transport sector parties signed the Buckingham Palace declaration in 2019. They thus agreed on a zero-tolerance policy for the illegal trade in plant and animal species. Schiphol is one of the first airports in the world to be affiliated with this kind of trafficking initiative.

By signing this declaration, Schiphol became part of an international joint effort. It is committed to various goals, including identifying the most important stakeholders and sharing data about smuggling routes and trafficker profiles.