Clean planes pay less

Schiphol encourages airlines to use cleaner and quieter aircraft by charging them less to take off and land at Schiphol in such planes. This makes Schiphol world leader in incentivising sustainable aircraft. As of 2021, airlines pay 180% of the basic rate for the noisiest and most polluting aircraft. They pay 45% of the basic rate for the cleanest and quietest aircraft.

Airport charges cover all costs

Airport charges is the term used to describe the money airlines pay to be able to take off and land. How these charges are determined is laid down in law. Schiphol’s airport charges incorporate the costs incurred by the airport for facilities used by airlines, such as security and services for travellers. Schiphol determines its airport charges after consulting with all the airlines flying to and from the airport. These charges apply for three years. The current airport charges, which include a nitrogen tax, apply until 31 March 2025.