Charge your electric car here

It’s possible to charge your electric car or motorbike at an increasing number of locations at Schiphol. We discourage the use of conventional cars and motorbikes to get to and from the airport because of the CO₂ they emit. Electric vehicles, however, are very welcome. Did you know that the electricity in our charging stations is produced using Dutch wind power?

DUURZAME TOEKOMST-optimale mobiteit 4 Opladen van je eigen elektrische auto

Where to find the charging stations

We have compiled a clear overview of all parking locations with charging stations. You can also see where the stations are at each location. Will you be using (Terminal) Valet Parking? When dropping off your keys, ask the member of staff to make sure your car is charged when you return.

What it costs

You cannot reserve these spots in advance. But if a charging station is available, you can go ahead and use it. Charging costs € 0,54 per kWh, with an initial fee of € 1,21. These prices include VAT.