Royal Schiphol Group: Annual Report 2022

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Airport in transition

Never before in Schiphol’s history have we disappointed so many travellers and airlines as in 2022. A lot of hard work has been done to limit this disappointment. But the impact of the pandemic, combined with the huge demand for labour in the Netherlands and the surge in passengers and flights shortly after a period of travel restrictions and lockdowns, got in the way. The conclusion is that our efforts did not lead to the necessary improvements in the system and, as a result, we were not able to provide the service we wanted to. 2022 will therefore go down as a bad chapter in our own history books. But it is also a chapter we will not forget, so that all the new chapters we write will be better.

It is now clear that for too long the focus has been on cost efficiency rather than the total cost of ownership. The result has been insufficiently sustainable employment and working conditions and a culture in the industry that lacks sufficient collaboration and transparency. These exceptional circumstances have shown that the distance between Schiphol and the outsourced part of the operation may have become too great. And this needs to change. Insight into day-to-day operations must become central to Schiphol’s business model. This means changing the way we manage our business.

And that is what we are doing now. Because it is our business and because we take responsibility. Not only for our own people, but also for all the colleagues who work at, but not for, Schiphol.

Schiphol must be a place where everyone works with pride and dignity. With good working conditions and with a good salary. And this is the foundation on which we want to bring the service we offer travellers and airlines to the desired level.

Furthermore, the aviation sector in general and Schiphol in particular are facing other important issues that need to be urgently addressed. To name a few: nitrogen, obtaining a nature permit, ultra-fine particles, night flights, the government’s decision on Schiphol’s contraction, sustainability, accessibility, noise reduction and maintaining the network. Schiphol worked on all of these issues in 2022. Much work remains to be done on these issues. This will be one of our priorities in 2023. We will focus much more on implementation and bringing all operational responsibilities together. Because that is what our passengers, the airlines and local residents expect from us. Their impatience is understandable. As an industry, we must now deliver and do a better job of meeting the social demands placed on us.

To achieve the desired result and create value again, we must work together with everyone who is or feels connected to Schiphol. That is what will make 2023 truly different.

Ruud Sondag, President & CEO of Royal Schiphol Group

Schiphol in figures 2022

Our performance

  • Direct destinations from Schiphol

  • Decrease CO₂e emissions Schiphol

    (compared to 2019)

  • Achieved energy savings

    (as % of total energy at Schiphol)

  • Waste separated at Schiphol

  • Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) at Schiphol

  • Underlying ROE

Our company

Royal Schiphol Group has an important socio-economic function. The airports in the Group create value for society and for the economy, with safety as a key enabler. Together with our international activities, Schiphol Group’s Dutch airports are part of our ‘Why’ of Connecting your world.

We invest in infrastructure and facilities across our airports to connect the world and to fulfill our ambition of creating the world’s most sustainable, high-quality airports. Our robust financial policy aims to safeguard the independent financing of our business, both today and in the future.

Our Vision 2050

The cornerstones of our Vision, the three Qualities - Quality of Network, Quality of Life and Quality of Service - rest on a foundation of two key enablers: Safety and a Robust organisation. Together, these fundamental pillars will guide our Group through the challenging period ahead.

  • Quality of Network

    Strong international connections are essential for an open and globally connected economy such as the Netherlands.

  • Quality of Life

    We acknowledge our responsibility to help ensure a sustainable future for aviation and we aim to safeguard the long-term well-being of people and the environment.

  • Quality of Service

    Schiphol Group aims to provide its passengers and other customers with an unrivalled Quality of Service.

  • Safety

    Safety is Schiphol Group’s number one priority and one of two key enablers that support the three qualities of our Vision 2050.

  • Robust organisation

    Schiphol’s robustness stems from our high-quality workforce and strong financial base.

Schiphol 2022 in review

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