Personal Arrival Time advice: Improved traveller experience

Nobody wants to waste time unnecessarily. By informing travellers about their ideal personal arrival time, they can plan their journey better. Another advantage is that arrivals patterns at Schiphol get more predictable. This helps with staff planning and speeds up the journey for the traveller.

Lounges en pieren op Schiphol

Travellers want to know when they have to be at the airport. They don’t want to miss their flight and they don’t want to stress about it. By giving the right information, you can take away any uncertainty they might have and reduce their travel stress. We now give general advice at what time they need to be at Schiphol. This doesn’t take into account that some travellers might want to shop and therefore arrive at the airport long before departure. While others want to spend as little time as possible at the airport, before they fly off.

Personalised advice thanks to our API

By using data like (expected) waiting times, average walking times, boarding time and departure time of flight, we can calculate a best personal arrival time at the airport. We can customise this advice even further with average times to shop and to eat at the airport.

And when combining the Schiphol APIs with data available outside Schiphol, the personal arrival time will be even more accurate. Think of information about the travel time to Schiphol, weather conditions or other aspects possibly impacting the traveller journey.

Taking away – or even reducing – any uncertainty will in the end, result in a better traveller experience.

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