Transparency and credibility for Pharma with Generic Audits at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: Pharma introduces Generic Audits

As Pharma Gateway Amsterdam (PGA) continues to grow, the next development will be the introduction of Generic Audits to create a more transparent and credible pharma supply chain.

PGA has grown quickly since it was formed in March 2016, starting with just 13 members. The association now includes: Schiphol Group; Air Cargo Netherlands; and 23 Pharma logistics companies; all with the collective the aim to establish Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as the best European Pharma hub.

GEFCO, a global Logistics provider, has been a PGA member since its inception. GEFCO has been instrumental towards achieving the goals of quality and transparency. Sarina Walidin, Compliance Manager at GEFCO, is based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and has been collaborating with other forwarders in PGA, such as Yusen Logistics, VCK Logistics, Rhenus, CyberFreight, and DHL, to establish a closed Pharma chain to streamline processes and increase credibility. “The goal is to create a chain to establish benefits for our customers as well as improve efficiency on our side and through the entire supply chain,” explained Walidin. “Currently, we have to audit all third parties on a company-to-company basis, but with a Generic Audit, the report would be valid and accessible for all PGA members on an online platform. “PGA Members would then be able to validate the airport, which saves time and provides clarity for customers by ensuring that the whole chain has been audited in line with PGA.”

The Generic Audits are scheduled to start end of January this year with forwarders, and will be followed up by an evaluation half 2019 before the scheme expands to include other sectors of the supply chain, such as trucking companies and airlines.

A secondary purpose for establishing Generic Audits is to build on the credibility of Centre of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) certification by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and to ensure compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP). “We have received positive responses from customers about PGA and CEIV,” said Walidin. “Customers mention CEIV specifically in their quotations and are very enthusiastic to learn that the freight forwarders at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol own this certification, as they know it goes far beyond GDP and satisfies their detailed airfreight Pharma needs within the supply chain at the airport. “At GEFCO, we actively tell customers that we have been a member of PGA from the start, “The Generic Audits will allow us to provide one certified lane at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol where customers can ship to and from, offering transparency and feasibility they can rely on. “Pharma customers value evidence and transparency, so it’s hugely beneficial for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to be a part of this project.” The development of Generic Audits has helped PGA members to work together towards a common goal and put aside their roles as industry competitors.

As PGA prepares to start the initial implementation stage in the next quarter, Walidin says the members are already busy planning for future developments of Generic Audits. “Eventually, we intend to display the audits in a shared portal to provide greater insights. From there we will investigate how to share the information with customers.”

Visit the website of PGA for more information about PGA.