Schiphol FAQ for Logistic Service Providers

What facilities are available at Schiphol for logistics companies?
Where can I find out about leasing existing premises on and off-airport?
Where can I find out about available land for new buildings?
How many airlines serve Schiphol? How many destinations are served?
How many freighter operators serve Schiphol, and on what routes?
What are the main commodities moved through Schiphol?
Where can I find a list of major exporters/importers in the Netherlands?
Where can I find a list of logistics companies currently operating at or near Schiphol, along with profiles of their businesses?
Where can I find out about customs procedures at Schiphol?
Is the Schiphol Cargo team available to provide free advice and information for turnkey operations?
What technological support and assistance can you provide to logistics companies?
What is ACC3, and how do I comply with it?
What is AEO certification, and how do I find out more/apply?
Do you operate fast-track channels for urgent imports such as pharma or perishables?
I have heard about the E-Link card for truckers. How does it work, what does it cost, and how can I obtain a card?