Global Healthcare Quality Director, Yusen Logistics: Marloes Seesing

Marloes has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, particularly in Latin America, the Asia Pacific region, Europe, and the USA. She became the first female leader at Yusen in 2017 after several significant roles in the industry, where she is helping to grow and develop global GDP standards across Yusen Logistics’ network.

How important is collaboration in your professional life?

As I’m leading a global team, together we have to implement our global strategy and projects worldwide. Therefore, collaboration is essential. My team is spread over multiple layers consisting of global, regional, country and branch locales. As a result, we all need to be aligned to accomplish our global targets. In order to achieve this, we must work together with other departments, business units, and country leads to make sure everyone is supporting our activities. Having everyone understand the benefit of projects and bringing them onboard with initiatives is key for good collaboration and successful implementation.

How often do you collaborate with others?

Collaboration is constant in order to be successful in a global industry.

How do you manage collaborative relationships in business?

If you are looking for efficient cooperation within any business, alignment is necessary. People need to be motivated and committed. This can be achieved by providing clear insight to the beneficial outcomes of any project in relation to their professional workload and personal development. By investing time, producing clear expectations, and setting a positive example, the success rate of projects will be much higher.

Do female leaders collaborate in a different way to male leaders? If so, how and why?

Being careful not to generalise too much, as a female, I base my approach on personalities, ambitions, interests and concerns, rather than focus only on hierarchy or the end goal.

Is there more ‘goodwill factor’ within women in business? If so, why do you think that is?

I personally have not experienced this. As a female leader, I feel it is important to support all genders in order to receive respect and collaboration from others.

What is your approach to stakeholder management?

At the start and throughout the duration of any project, transparency and communication are key. Stakeholders must be onboard from the start. As with any project, challenges will arise, so maintaining stakeholder involvement during all stages, even during the challenging times, is necessary for the success of any project.

How does collaboration assist in stakeholder management?

As a female leader, collaboration allows multiple perspectives. Successful leaders will listen to all ideas in order to achieve the best outcome. As a result, stakeholders will receive the greatest output from the team.