Nieuws: Local rule cargo to be discussed by mid-December

Local rule cargo to be discussed by mid-December

Gepubliceerd op: 4 december 2017

With the start of this winter season full freighter movements have decreased 12,4%, according to our preliminary mid-November figures. The effect on total cargo volume is currently still undetermined. The decrease in full freighter flights is a direct result of the slot scarcity at Schiphol.

Applying what is known as a ‘local rule’ - allowing airlines to be given conditional local – read: domestic – priority in the allocation of slots. Such a local rule must be discussed in the coordination Committee, which represents all airlines at Schiphol. Thereafter the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management can approve a proposal.

Given the vital interest of air cargo operations for Mainport Schiphol and for jobs at stake in the cargo sector, former Secretary of State Ms. Dijksma has asked Schiphol to present a local rule proposal backed by the Dutch aviation sector. Schiphol has drafted such new proposal for the local rule which will be discussed during an extraordinary meeting of the Coordination Committee Netherlands on 14 December 2017.

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